Our Copper Artisans

Mehmet at his grinding wheel.Mehmet at his grinding wheel.
With an archeological history dating back to 5500BC, it goes without saying that Turkish copper artisans have a long track record of producing some of the world’s finest examples of the metal arts.  The gentlemen that create and repair our copper come from this long tradition of Turkish artistry.  Whether bringing our custom lighting designs to life, or refurbishing the vintage and antique treasures we find throughout Turkey, their individuality and talents show through!  See:  Vintage Copper

What does this mean in practical terms?  Our hand-hammered copper is just that: actual copper, not copper-clad tin or iron.   And it is actually hand-hammered, not machine-pressed, like most "reproduction" copper available today.  We don't add "patina" to our goods, either.  Time has seasoned our copper, and (for example) you can fully expect to see black marks on the bottom and around the handles of  our cauldrons, from their many years over the fire.  We don't try to remove that character- we cherish it!