Chris Vance

Chris Vance


What can we say about Chris Vance?  The first time we saw his work (at another gallery) we fell in love, and immediately bought a piece.  And then we went to work...figuring out how we could sign him for our own gallery!  We've enjoyed every minute since.  The reason is simple:  Chris' work makes people smile!  

At first glance, his work has a childlike quality that makes it very accessible, whimsical, uncomplicated and carefree.  All of those qualities are there, to be sure, and have made him a top-selling artist.  But take another look; there's more to be seen underneath this carefree surface.   Chris' work has been featured by some very well-respected universities, museums and art institutions.  In short, he's got chops, in addition to a sense of humor! 

Chris Vance, in his words:   

Art is my diary. Throughout time art has marked place and time. My work is the expression of daily events that form ideas and transform the canvases. I don’t attempt to settle the piece before paint hits the canvas. I like the canvas to tell me what it needs in the form of line and color. I look at composition and balance, and my feelings drive the piece on a subconscious level.

Ideas are an internal ingestion and the art is the medium of the expression.  Understanding my work is to understand me as a person. Evolution in the paintings shows how small ideas turned into big ideas and those ideas back from big to small. The smallest things in life strike ideas that fuel my work in progression.