200+ year-old Reclaimed Oak Dining Table

This one-of-a-kind, massive dining table was crafted from a single support beam, reclaimed from a vegetable house in Turkey, built about 1800-1850.  The beam, which comprises the table's top, is almost 3 inches thick.  Note the many crevices and wear marks across its face, complimented by unique, hand-hewn joinery.  A magnificent table, through and through.

Please note:  This table is available with optional benches - one with back rail, and one without.  (please see other listings with Rug & Relic).  Significant discount is available for purchase of bench(es) with table.


Construction:  200+ year old solid white oak top, with oil-rubbed finish
Dimensions:  Length: 77" Width: 43" Height: 32"
Price: $9,895.00
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