3 Tier Copper Lunch Box


Antique Copper Lunch Pail | Hand-hammered Turkish Copper Lunch Box

We see so many amazing and interesting things on our travels... but few more intriguing and practical than the Turkish version of the lunch box!  Instead of everything getting mixed together, the Turkish lunch box has separate bowls for each part of the meal!  Metal "keys" on each side of this lunch box simply screw into the metal rims of the bowls, to hold the bowls tightly together during transport.   Unlike many of the lunch boxes we've seen, which have a "lid" that has a handle soldered to it, this particular lunch box has a removable strap, which is held in plae by the "keys" on either side.  Particularly handy, in that one would have an extra bowl, with which to share one's meal with a friend or coworker.  And we can attest to the fact that there's nothing that the Turks love more than sharing food with a friend.  Old lunch boxes like this are used throughout Turkey, but they're particularly handy for serving meals on a boat or Turkish yachts, due to the fact that even soup won't spill while being transported!


Dimensions:  Height: 11.5"; Width: 7"; Length: 11"
Price: $220.00
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