Antique Carved Door

Of all the things we search for in Turkey, doors are our second favorite, only to antique kilims.  Why?  They're just so darn INTERESTING!  Even the most utilitarian examples are carved, painted, decorated, and embellished in a way that makes you stare - and smile at the artistry and love of home that must have been in their creator's heart and mind. 

Now, our beautiful antique doors are here to spark your own imagination.  Coffee table?  Sure.  Wall art?  why not.  Headboard?  Of course!  Or, just hang or lean them on the wall, and treat them as the art they are.    No matter how you incorporate them, our doors will add a sense of of authenticity, of creativity, of soul, to your home. 

Construction:  hand-carved wooden door
Dimensions:  Height: 69.5" Width: 33.5" Depth: 2"
Price: $1,100.00
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