Antique Marble Obelisk

Antique Marble Roller

Construction:  solid unpolished marble
Height: 20"  Width: 11"
We simply love rural Turkey.  Even the most utilitarian objects are so beautiful, they look like art!  These marble obelisks were originally used as industrial rollers, to pack soil for pathways or foundations for buildings.  They were laid flat, and "tongs" were attached into the "divots" on either side, to make a handle for rolling the stone. 

To our minds, these obelisks would be beautiful as decoration in a garden or other outdoor space.  Fill the small bowl on top for an interesting bird bath!  Incorporate the piece on a pedestal, overlooking a flower garden.  place it in the center of a portico.  Wherever she lands, she will definitely become a topic of conversation for all visitors!