Antique Marble Sink | Marble Basin


Antique Marble Sink | Reclaimed Marble Basin

Dimensions:  19.75" x 15" x 8.75"

Turkey is renowned the world over for the quality and variety of marble coming from its mountains.  No "faux" marble here... which is immediately evident the first time you attempt to move them!  We specialize in pieces that have been reclaimed from old buildings, particularly old bathhouses, and recarved back to a cleaner finish, while still leaving enough of their antique patina to prove their authenticity. 

The uses for our basins are myriad:  a planter, a basin for a fountain, a unique and practical sink, (we can bore holes for plumbing to your specifications), a bird bath, and our personal favorite -- a fancy water bowl for your pets!  Let your imagination wander... you'll be happy you did!