Cream Turkish Usak


Colors: cream, beige, burnt orange
Turkish Usaks have been prized by rug collectors for many years due to their subtle design elements and the deliciously soft and supple wools used in their construction. Perhaps that's why there are so many imitators out there! But it doesn't take long to recognize the real thing once you feel the wools, and the pieces that make up the Rug & Relic Usak collection are amongst the finest made in the world.

Our Usaks are designed by a gentleman named Umit, and his sister, Deniz, and are woven by expert weavers throughout the Turkish countryside. They are perfect for great rooms and under dining tables, and can be custom-designed to fit any decor perfectly. If you like our Usaks, but need a different size or design, please contact us. We are happy to work with you to create the perfect piece for your home!
Construction:  Wool on wool warp and weft; hand knotted rug
Dimensions:  Width: 9'6; Length: 13'1
List Price $20,510.00
Price: $9,895.00 Sale: $5,937.00
You Save $14,573.00
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