Debbie Curtis | Blonde Wig

Debbie Curtis "Blonde Wig"

Debbie Curtis describes her work as "looking hard into the face of a plastic icon."  As she says, finding the meaning of her paintings is up to the viewer.  Her work certainly captures the imagination - and the memories - of those who view it.  We can't tell you how many times we've seen grown women giggle like school girls as they view her work, recalling a simpler time in their lives.  And sometimes, recalling the haircuts they gave their own Barbies...or the awful things their brothers did to them.  Go ahead - take a trip down memory lane for yourself! 

Debbie's work continues to grow and develop, expanding beyond her early work which focused primarily on the earliest Barbie images, to include African American Barbies as well as some very modernist depictions of this iconic American character.   In recent years, her work has garnered her some strong national attention, including a mention in Time Magazine (July 27, 2009), and standing feature artist at the International Barbie Convention.  In fact, Mattel Corporation recently commissioned Debbie to do portraits of Barbie for their Barbie division headquarters!  Look for big things for Debbie in the future. 
Construction:  acrylic on canvas
Dimensions:  18" x 36"
Price: $350.00
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