Deep Wine Mod Finish Kilim Carpet

Mod Finish Vintage Turkish Kilim | Flatweave

Colors: deep wine, chartreuse, cobalt, cream, tangerine

Our good friend Mustafa has created a way to finish vintage kilims that both enhances their beauty and helps to ensure a long and damage-free life for even a very old textile.  While most kilims have a fringe edge and no side binding, the pieces from Mustafa and his crew feature a decorative and very practical serged and stitched border, which creates a clean finish to the rather casual feel of a kilim, as well as helping to protect the integrity of the carpet from the wear and tear of everyday life. 
We are happy to provide an in-depth history of the origins and design elements utilized in any Rug & Relic kilim. Should you want to know more about a particular piece, please email us, using the "Request More Information" button, below.

Please note: we highly recommend purchasing Rug & Relic padding to hold your kilim in place. While quite durable, flat weaves are also prone to sliding, especially on hardwood floors or tile.
Construction:  Vintage wool flat-weave with bound selvedge and side edges
Dimensions:  Width: 5'; Length: 8'6
Price: $750.00 Sale: $450.00
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