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Dusty Sage Turkish Carpet


Vintage Turkish Kayseri Carpet

Colors: sage, off-white, dusty yellow, blush red, turquoise, pumpkin

Kayseri carpets are probably the best known of the Turkish hand-knotted carpets in the western world. Virtually all Kayseri pieces sold by Rug & Relic are vintage rugs, between 30 and 60 years old. The reason for this is simple: as a rule, they look and feel better than their new counterparts!

Age is a friend to a well-constructed rug, adding subtlety and depth to color that is not present at the time of weaving except in the very finest vegetal-dye pieces. Kayseris add an air of warmth and comfort and a lived-in sophistication to any home. Their strong design elements, fine knotting and very short pile make them very pleasing to the eye, and they are a welcome addition in both modern and more traditional or formal homes. Their strength and ease of cleaning make them ideal rugs for entryways, dining rooms, and other higher-traffic living spaces. In addition, they are very thin, so sliding dining room chairs over the pile is quite easy - something that is not always the case with long-pile rugs.
Construction:  hand-knotted wool on cotton
Dimensions:  Width: 6'6; Length: 9'8
Price: $1,845.00
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