Grand-scale Antique Pottery


These lovely examples of Turkish pottery spent the first part of their lives serving as storage containers for water, wine, or olive oil. A client once called these epic-scale pieces “the world’s first Frigidaire!”

While smaller pots were used in the home, the very large pots featured here were actually used outside the home, and buried in the ground about half-way up their sides, to keep their contents cool. This explains their unusual conical shape: it is much easier to bury a pointy object than a square or round one!

Each urn is hand-thrown, and many also feature decorative glazes in deep shades of green, blue, or brown on the interior of the pot. Varying in age from 50 - 300 years old, each has a distinctive character that will add a Mediterranean flair to your home, and their grand scale and rich patina will leave no question about your passion for authenticity.

PLEASE NOTE:   Because of their extremely heavy weight, and fragile nature, all of our Grand-Scale urns must be pallet-shipped, and are subject to additional shipping charges, ranging from $100 to $350.  If you have questions concerning shipping, please don't hesitate to contact us for a shipping quote.

Weight:  Hard to say... but it took 5 grown men to lift it!
Price: $2,725.00
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