Iron Dog Boot Scraper

Iron Dog Boot Scraper
We've traversed the back roads and byways of the Turkish countryside in search of the interesting and the unique, and this silly little bootscraper certainly meets the bill!  Thus, she just had to come home with us!  While she's not an antique, like most of our pieces are, she IS about the cutest and most practical ornament for your front steps we've seen in some time.  One thing is for sure: weighing in at 22 lbs of solid iron, she'll never, ever blow away!  Originally created to be placed outside the door, for entrants to scrape the mud off their boots, she's also sturdy enough to hold any door open.  Or, perhaps she'll just sit there, and greet people arriving at your home.  Whatever the job you create for her, she'll be your faithful servant!
Dimensions:  Length: 15"; Width: 6"; Height: 5.5"
Price: $129.00
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